How to Series

Transition from internship to residency represents a challenging time for the junior residents who are expected to absorb an enormous amount of information in a short period of time in order to become active members of the radiology team. New collection of How To Power Point presentations aims to help the first year residents with bridging this gap in order to cover the basics of many imaging modalities they will be expected to read and allow immediate participation in review process. These presentations are also going to be helpful to the faculty members guiding the first year residents in their early days on service. In addition, these How To modules may be of value to the more senior residents who need a quick refresher, interns that matched into radiology, and maybe medical students interested in learning how to read these studies

How to Approach a CXR (PDF | PowerPoint)

How to Approach a Knee MRI (PDF | PowerPoint)

How to Approach a Shoulder MRI (PDF | PowerPoint)

How to Approach Abdominal Radiographs (PDF | PowerPoint)

How to Approach an Abdominal CT (PDF | PowerPoint)

How to Approach Abdominal MRI – Coming Soon

How to Approach Bone Tumors (PDF | PowerPoint)

How to Interpret Breast MRI (PDF | PowerPoint)

How to Approach Breast Ultrasound (PDF | PowerPoint)

How to Approach Lines and Tubes on CXR (PDF | PowerPoint)

How to Approach Mammograms (PDF | PowerPoint)

How to Approach PE CT (PDF | PowerPoint)

How to Approach Pediatric Elbow (PDF | PowerPoint)

How to Approach Radiology Procedures (PDF | PowerPoint)

How to Approach the Radiographic Diagnosis of Fractures and Dislocations (PDF | PowerPoint)

How to Approach to Normal MRI Brain (PDF | PowerPoint)