Radiology Research Alliance (RRA) - Leadership



Elizabeth A. Krupinski, PhD
Emory University

Benjamin D. Spilseth, MD
University of Minnesota

Omer A. Awan, MD
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Summer J. Decker, PhD
University of South Florida College of Medicine

Committee Chairs

Awards Committee
Terence P. Gade, MD, PhD
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Finance Committee
Benjamin D. Spilseth, MD
Emory University

Membership Committee
Tharakeswara K. Bathala, MD
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Nominating Committee
Linda J. Probyn, MD
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Program Committee
Chair, Comparative Effectiveness Research Working Group
Soterios Gyftopoulos, MD
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Rules Committee
Dhakshina M. Ganeshan, MD
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Senior Advisor/Member-at-Large


Senior Advisor of the Executive Committee
Chair, Advisory Committee

Chair, 3D Printing Working Group
Summer J. Decker, PhD
University of South Florida College of Medicine

Chair, Research Mentor Working Group
Omer A. Awan, MD, MPH
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Ashish P. Wasnik, MD
University of Michigan

Chair, Corporate Support Committee Chair
Nadja Kadom, MD
Emory University




Artificial intelligence applications in departmental workflow 
Ryan Lee, Srini Tridandapani

Burnout: Strategies to improve resilience with cognitive behavioral therapy or other means
Tara Catanzano

Green radiology 
Nadja Kadom

Institution based responses to recognizing, supporting, and re-engaging the "burned out" radiologist 
Amanda Crawford

Promotion of collaborative efforts with radiology technologists and RPAs in research and scholarly activity 
Gary Whitman

Strategies for enhancing the medical student experience in diagnostic radiology 
David Naeger

Advisory Council of Past Presidents

2020-2021 Dhakshina M. Ganeshan, MD
2019-2020 Linda J. Probyn, MD
2018-2019 Andrew B. Rosenkrantz, MD
2017-2018 Leon Lenchik, MD
2016-2017 William F. Auffermann, MD, PhD
2015-2016 Kevin S. King, MD
2014-2015 Srini Tridandapani, MD, PhD
2013-2014 King C. Li, MD
2012-2013 Rathan M. Subramaniam, MD, PhD, MPH
2011-2012 David P. Chason, MD
2010-2011 Donald P. Harrington, MD
2009-2010 Valerie P. Jackson, MD
2008-2009 William G. Bradley, Jr., MD, PhD
2007-2008 Jonathan S. Lewin, MD
2006-2007 Norman J. Beauchamp, Jr., MD, MHS
2005-2006 Lorraine G. Shapeero, MD
2004-2005 C. Leon Partain, MD, PhD
2003-2004 G. Scott Gazelle, MD, MPH, PhD
2002-2003 Robert F. Mattrey, MD
2001-2002 N. Reed Dunnick, MD