AMSER Curriculum, Competencies, and Learning Objectives

AMSER National Medical Student Curriculum

AMSER has developed a 4-year curriculum identifying the radiological topics that the organization feels should be covered during medical school education. The curriculum also includes links to educational resources, example goals and objectives, and suggestions for how to incorporate the curriculum into various educational formats. The curriculum can be downloaded HERE.

AMSER/SRU National Ultrasound Curriculum for Medical Students

AMSER and the Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound (SRU) have developed an ultrasound curriculum for medical students. The curriculum addresses the basic question: “What should a student graduating from medical school know about US?” The curriculum highlights what aspects of US should be taught to medical students, as well as when and how US can be most effectively introduced into medical school preclinical and clinical curricula. 2 different models for implementation are included.
The curriculum can be downloaded HERE.

Student Competencies in Radiology

AMSER has developed an outline of key competencies that medical students should achieve in radiology during the 4-years of medical school based on the LCME competencies. This document incorporates elements of the AMSER curriculum as well as suggestions for learning and assessment tools.

These competencies may be useful for:

  • Curriculum development to include all six competencies.
  • Development of teaching tools such as lectures, workshops, interactive teaching, web-based teaching.
  • Development of assessment tools for student evaluation including quizzes, presentation evaluation forms, and end of rotation evaluations.
  • Completing mandatory ACGME and medical school credentialing documentation.

Download the competencies HERE.

Learning Objectives

The following learning objectives for radiology were developed by Emily Webb, MD (UCSF), and categorized both by the type of course (anatomy, 2nd year, 4th year elective, etc) as well as by the subject (general radiology, chest imaging, neuroimaging, etc). For each objective, the Blooms Taxonomy level(s) is/are identified.

AMSER Learning Objectives by Courses 

AMSER Learning Objectives by Subject