Educator Resources

AMSER provides multiple resources for medical student educators.

These include:

  • Resources developed by AMSER committees
  • Resources developed by members for their teaching courses and generously donated as shared resources. These include images, lectures, games, modules and curricula.
  • Links to on-line resources that may be of interest to educators, which may be free, supported by grants to AMSER and/or AMSER members or require payment or subscription.

Medical Student Expo Tool Kit
ACR AMSER Education Survey
ACR-AMSER-APDR Lecture Series
AMSER National Curriculum
Books and eBooks
Promotion Resources
STARS (Standardized Tool for Assessing Radiology Students)Student Evaluation
Tips and Tricks
Apps for Radiology Educators
Aquifer Radiology
Shared Resources
Residency Guide
Student Professionalism Module
Innovative Teaching Curriculums
AMSER Case of the Month
Playground Resources