Arts and Humanities in Radiology

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The purpose of the Arts and Humanities in Radiology Special Interest Group is to provide connection for radiologists and trainees with an interest or background in the arts and humanities in support of radiologists’ education, wellbeing, and creativity.

Over recent years, the value of integrating the arts and humanities into medical education and within a variety of medical specialties has been increasingly recognized.  A conduit for inspiring innovation and creativity, the arts and humanities offer a means of supporting education in radiology, of promoting a sense of belonging and engagement in our communities, of fostering DEI, and of enhancing radiologist and trainee wellbeing.  As the premier national organization connecting radiology departments, the AUR is the ideal radiological society to sponsor the development and growth of a community focused on arts and humanities within radiology. Within this group, there is opportunity for specific areas of interest including:

  1. Writing, literature, and poetry;
  2. Visual arts: Painting, drawing, photography and sculpture; and
  3. Performing arts: Music, theater, comedy, and dance. 

A network of members sharing ideas and resources across institutions, supporting scholarship at the intersection of the arts and humanities in radiology, developing arts and humanities related curricula, fostering DEI and wellness through arts and humanities activities, and supporting AUR members’ innovation and talent.

The goals will be accomplished through a variety of formats, including virtual meetings and events, live activities at the AUR annual meeting, establishment of website resources, and social media communications.