Strategic Alignment Grant


The purpose of the AUR Research and Education Foundation Strategic Alignment Grant (SAG) is to advance the long-range strategic organizational goals of the AUR by awarding one year length grant(s) to applicants who address identified strategic priorities.

Application Process
Proposals that are aligned with any of the AUR strategic priorities are encouraged. Additionally, the AUR Research and Education Foundation has identified the following focus areas for the 2024 grant.

  • Develop strategies to foster engagement and collaboration within affinity groups at AUR or with other societies outside AUR.

  • Develop strategies to amplify virtual educational and mentorship opportunities for radiology educators and health service researchers.

  • Develop strategies to support and shape the radiology training workforce.

  • Creating training materials or courses on how to conduct educational research

We require the grantee to present their work at the AUR Annual meeting. (Please note report deadlines and reference these requirements in conjunction with programming and scheduling of the AUR Annual Meeting).

Application Deadline: Deadline for Letter of Intent

Letters of intent must be completed and submitted electronically as a PDF file by 12:00 pm Central Time on August 31, 2023 via survey monkey here. Letter of intent should include the following information:

  • Descriptive title of the proposed project

  • Name, address, telephone number and email address of the principal investigator(s)

  • Participating institution(s)

  • A 500-word abstract describing background, objectives, project plan, evaluation, and dissemination plan.

  • Applicants will be invited to submit a proposal by September 30, 2023, based on their letter of intent.

Please view the application instructional videos here.

One or more grants, up to $20,000 (USD) in aggregate will be awarded for the 2023‐2024 year. Funds may or may not be granted, depending on the quality of the received proposals. The maximum individual award may not exceed $10,000 for a one year project.

  • The award may be used for project costs and/or salary support of study personnel. Funds may not be used toward salary support for the primary investigator or to support non grant related affinity group or association costs. The grant will not fund institutional indirect costs or overhead costs, or tuition.

  • Travel expenses for the AUR Annual Meeting may not be paid by this grant’s funds.

  • Unexpended funds must be returned to the AUR Research and Education Foundation.

The award can be renewed at no cost for a second year by request and upon approval of the AUR Research and Education Foundation. If additional funding is requested for the second year, a full application should be submitted which will undergo a formal review process.


Contact Information:
Julie Jordan, Account Manager
AUR Research and Education Foundation
Phone: 224-276-7534
E-mail: [email protected]

Grant Recipients: 


Courtney M. Tomblinson, MD, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
EMPOWiR: An Executive Mentorship Program for Women in Radiology 


Karuna M. Raj, MD & John R. Leyendecker, MD, UT Southwestern
Putting The Horse Before The Cart: Cultivating Leaders And Building Resilience In Academic Radiology Through Pre-emergent Leadership Training Targeting Emotional Intelligence And Social Competence (ESC) Skills In Early Career Faculty


Judith Ann Gadde, DO, MBA - Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago
A Comprehensive Hybrid Radiology Interest Group with Mixed Live, Virtual, and Recorded Events Targeting Underserved Medical Student Population: A Regional Pilot Program to Prove Efficiency and Scalability



Michael D. Fishman, MD - Boston Medical Center
Cup of Coffee Speed Coaching – Helping to Develop the Next Generation of Leaders



Nancy R. Fefferman, MD - New York University School of Medicine
Development of Standardized Digital On-line Diagnostic Radiology Resident Core Curriculum Lecture Series


Tessa S. Cook, MD, PhD - Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Development and Implementation of a National Imaging Informatics Curriculum for Radiology Residents


Stella K. Kang, MD, MsC - New York University Langone Medical Center
Value of Imaging through Comparative Effectiveness (VOICE) Research Program: A Collaborative Training Program in Biomedical Big Data and Comparative Effectiveness Research for the Field of Radiology