Gold Medal Award

Stephen Chan, MD

2023 Award Recipient
Stephen Chan, MD

Stephen Chan is an academic neuroradiologist at Columbia University, having worked at both the New York-Presbyterian Hospital and the Harlem Hospital campuses.  He has a longstanding research interest in the neuroimaging of epilepsy and has served as both principal investigator and co-investigator for many funded research study programs, including NIH-funded multicenter studies on the relationship between febrile status epilepticus and temporal lobe epilepsy, and the efficacy of temporal lobe surgery in the treatment of mesial temporal sclerosis.  In addition, he has a strong interest in health policy and outcomes research, stemming from his days as a GERRAF fellow, which ultimately led him to complete both an MPH degree in health policy and management (1999) and an MBA degree (2001) – both at Columbia.  In the field of education, he is most proud of having developed the first management education program for radiology residents – which he conducted from 1996 to 2010.  Steve was a frequent presenter on quality improvement at the Radiology Management Program of the AUR.  Within AUR leadership, he has served in multiple roles - including stints as Chair of the Finance Committee, representative to the AMA-RVS Update Committee (“the RUC”), representative to the AMA House of Delegates, and Treasurer of the AUR R&E Foundation.  This culminated in his nomination and succession to the Executive Committee in 2017, and his service during the “pandemic era” as President-elect, President, and 1st Past President from 2020 to 2023.

For the virtual-only AUR 2021 meeting, Steve served as the program chair, for which the meeting theme was "Radiology's Social Contract: Embracing Professionalism and Addressing Health Disparities."   In 2022, he felt incredibly fortunate to be able to preside over the first hybrid AUR meeting, with the meeting theme of “Sustainability, Climate Change, and Radiology” – that was incredibly well chosen by his colleague, Dr. Reed Omary.  While highly gratified by the glorious return to an in-person meeting venue in Phoenix, Arizona in 2022, he is looking forward with additional enthusiasm to this year’s meeting in Austin, Texas, with the meeting theme of  “Imagine, Create, Innovate -- Exploring Radiology's Imaginarium”.  Steve believes that this meeting will stretch all our imaginations and widen our perspective about the future in radiology.  Therefore, he is planning to make various contributions to the success of the AUR 2023 meeting. 

For more on Steve’s thoughts and reflections upon his career in academic radiology and the AUR, please feel free to click here.

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  • 1981: Harry W. Fischer, MD*; Harvey Picker, MD*; Elliott C. Lasser; Jean Picker, MD*
  • 1980: Robert D. Moseley, Jr., MD*; Sidney W. Nelson, MD*
  • 1979: Henry S. Kaplan, MD*; Russell H. Morgan, MD*; William B. Seaman, MD*
  • 1978: Paul C. Hodges, MD*; Hugh M. Wilson, MD*

* Deceased