AUR College of Fellows

Fellow of AUR is an honor granted to an AUR member in continuous good standing who has made exceptional contributions to the AUR and the academic radiology community as a whole. Fellows may use the Fellow of AUR (FAUR) designation and will be recognized during the Annual Meeting.

To be eligible for the Fellow of AUR designation, members must be in good standing for at least seven continuous years of full membership and have made significant contributions in academic radiology specifically focused on the AUR, its mission, and its affiliated groups.

Election Criteria
The basis for election to the AUR College of Fellows will be a review of the candidate’s contribution in the domains of administration, mentorship, professionalism, research, teaching, service to and leadership in organized medicine, and overall scholarship, with an emphasis on service to AUR and the field of academic radiology. Candidates are expected to have an overall well-rounded academic record of success. The AUR Fellows Nominating Committee reviews all applications and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for final election.

Application Process

The Fellows of the AUR application process has closed for the 2022-23 cycle. The application will open again in the Summer. 

Required to submit with the application are: 

  • a personal statement describing your contributions to AUR and academic radiology as outlined above (not to exceed 1,500 words), and  
  • a current CV 

In addition, two (2) letters of support from current AUR members are required.

Fellows of the AUR