CERRAF Selection Criteria

Nurturing tomorrow's radiology leaders today

Each year, the CERRAF Board of Review selects up to four applicants to receive two-year, $140,000 fellowships. CERRAF stipends are paid annually in $70,000 installments directly to sponsoring institutions for salary, research and education support in exchange for protecting half the Fellow's time to conduct the approved research.

Up to $10,000 of the stipend per year (of the total $140,000) may be used to defray the cost of other personnel and materials supporting the approved research project. An additional $10,000 of the stipend (of the total $140,000) may be designated for coursework in an MPH or other degree approved by the Board of Review over the two-year fellowship.

Academic radiology training institutions in the U.S. and Canada are entitled to nominate one CERRAF candidate per year, usually an assistant professor of radiology or junior staff associate. However, only one active CERRAF Fellow may be in residence at a time.

Key Selection Criteria

CERRAF Fellows are selected from among board-certified academic radiologists based on the strength of their commitment to research careers; the quality, creativity and vision of their proposed research projects; and the continuing support provided by their institutions.

Specific nomination requirements include:

  • Detailed project description
  • Preceptors/mentors
  • Written career development program
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Timely submission of nomination materials
  • Other requirements as specified in the Guidelines and Instructions