GERRAF Mentoring

Sustaining the intellectual experience

A unique GERRAF benefit is the program's exceptionally strong focus on mentoring, both within the Fellow's institution and as part of the many formal educational activities that GERRAF conducts. For example:

  • Each sponsoring institution is required to provide at least three mentors/preceptors to help the Fellow succeed
  • Every Fellow is assigned a personal mentor from the Board of Review who works with them throughout their fellowship
  • Group and individual mentoring support is also provided by the other Board of Review members and senior Fellows
  • Former Fellows generously share their experience and expertise when called upon to help applicants* and other Fellows succeed

Mentoring is facilitated by frequent contacts throughout the GERRAF year, beginning at the annual meeting of the Association of University Radiologists where senior Fellows report on their research activities at a special "GERRAF Scientific Session" and new Fellows present their research plans at the "GERRAF Breakfast."

In addition to individual contacts between Fellows and their personal Board mentors, an expanded group of Board mentors conducts thorough project reviews with Fellows via individual teleconferences each autumn. The winter GERRAF Retreat is the major mentoring event of the year.

* Independent advice and mentoring during the application process is available from former GERRAF recipients through the Radiology Alliance for Health Services Research. Please contact the GERRAF Program Manager for more information and Alumni contact information.