Radiology Alliance for Health Services Research (RAHSR)/Radiology Research Alliance (RRA) On-line Statistical Webinar Series

A robust knowledge of biostatistics is important for designing and conducting high-quality radiology research. As the complexity of research increases, there is a growing and urgent need for academic radiologists to acquire fundamental skills in biostatistical methods. Each Webinar was previously recorded live and can be accessed below using YouTube.

Individual Comparisons (Parametric and Non-parametric)
Presenter: Andrew B. Rosenkrantz, MD

This two-part webinar covers individual statistical comparisons (both parametric and non-parametric). Content includes characterizing the nature of your data, selecting the right statistical test, and obtaining p-values. Tests that investigators can perform themselves, as well as pitfalls and caveats in obtaining and interpreting p-values, are highlighted. Examples of covered statistical tests, along with numerous case examples, include paired and unpaired t-tests, the Wilcoxon and Mann Whitney tests, Fisher's exact test, and the McNemar test.

Watch Part 1 of 2
(Recorded May 2, 2016)
Watch Part 2 of 2
(Recorded May 10, 2016)


Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Diagnostic Testing and Research
Presenter: William F. Auffermann, MD, PhD

This webinar provides an overview of the basic aspects of probability and statistics needed to critically appraise and perform research. Fundamental concepts of probability and statistics are covered to provide a foundation for further study.


What you need to know to understand an ROC curve in 30 min
Antonio C. Westphalen, MD, PhD

This lecture defines and describes the basics of building, applying, and interpreting an ROC curve.


Data Visualization
James V. Rawson, MD


Analysis of Variance (ANOVA): What a Radiologist Needs to Know
Bahman Roudsari, MD, PhD


Correlation and Simple Linear Regression
Falgun H. Chokshi, MD, MS


2x2 Tables and Types of Error
Presenter: Paul P. Cronin, MBBCh


Title: Assessing Agreement and Reproducibility in Radiology: Kappa and Beyond
Presenter: Michael H. Rosenthal, MD, PhD


Understanding P-Value and Confidence Interval
Presenter: Hao Wang, PhD


 The RAHSR/RRA Webinar Series is supported by a Venture Fund Grant  from the AUR Research and Education Foundation