Alliance of Clinician-Educators (ACER)/Alliance of Medical Student Educators in Radiology (AMSER) Educational Scholarship Webinar Series

It is well known that educators can have a greater impact on the field of radiology by sharing their educational efforts through publication in respected peer-reviewed journals. In addition, promotional pathways now recognize a clinician-educator track, a component of which is educational scholarship. This webinar series has been designed to help radiologists of all levels further their skills in educational research and scholarship. Each Webinar was previously recorded live and can be accessed below using YouTube.


Navigating the Educational Scholarship Domain

This webinar covers how to: 1) Appraise different types of educational scholarship and their impact on portfolios. 2) Identify effective, targeted methods of advancing careers through education. 3) Plan a publication/distribution strategy in advance of developing educational material.


Designing Educational Research Projects

This webinar covers: 1) Describe the process of developing a research question built on supportive literature 2) Demonstrate approaches to developing a hypothesis and specific aims that support the research question 3) Illustrate challenges of educational research


Basics of Literature Review

This webinar covers: 1) Learn the benefits of critical appraisal of educational literature. 2) Become familiar with the steps involved in critically appraising the educational literature. 3) Know how to appraise literature for study type, level of evidence, validity, quality, bias, and statistical strength. 4) Outline the broad categories of educational research projects/studies. 5) Apply knowledge of critical appraisal to your educational research efforts and review activities.

Presenter: Paul P. Cronin, MBBCh & Aine M. Kelly, MD, MS


Principles of Educational Measurement

This webinar covers: 1) Describe a systematic approach to evaluating an educational intervention. 2) Compare and contrast common study designs in educational research. 3) Choose appropriate statistical tests based on common variable types.

Presenter: Grace Huang, MD


Tools to Increase Educational Productivity

This webinar covers: 1) Overcoming writer's block 2) Participating in peer writing circles 3) Incorporating technological tools for writing, time management, archiving and password management into practice

Presenters: Michael L. Richardson, MD & Priscilla J. Slanetz, MD, MPH


Venues of Educational Scholarship

This webinar covers: 1) Appreciate variety in types of educational scholarship. 2) Learn about different venues and options for educational scholarship. 3) Identify strategies for selecting venue to disseminate your work.

Presenter: Priscilla J. Slanetz, MD, MPH


How to Convert Your Teaching Techniques/Teaching Portfolio into Scholarship

This webinar covers: 1) Examine how teaching techniques may be turned into scholarship. 2) Examine how contents of the teaching portfolio may be turned into scholarship. 3) Detect opportunities for academic scholarship. 4) Develop a personal plan to optimize their academic scholarship output to enhance their career. 5) Differentiate papers related to teaching into discernable categories. 6) Design a project around the teaching that you do.

Presenter: Mark E. Mullins, MD, PhD & David M. Naeger, MD



How to Convert Didactic Presentation into Scholarship

This webinar covers: 1) Understand how to select the most appropriate article format for your didactic presentation. 2) Review common pitfalls in writing educational articles. 3) Illustrate the above using 2 case examples.

Presenter: Puneet Bhargava, MD



Educational Grant Writing and Submission

This webinar covers: 1) Identify an appropriate educational grant for your project. 2) Describe important steps during grant preparation process. 3) List the key elements of most education grant applications. 4) Recognize common mistakes in the education grant application process. 5) Create a well thought-out education grant

Presenters: Monica M. Sheth, MD and Mahesh M. Thapa, MD


Review of Educational Papers

This webinar covers: 1) Outline the main subject areas of educational research. 2) Become familiar with educational research outcomes. 3)Learn how to perform and evaluate educational studies. 4) Apply critical appraisal skills to your educational research efforts and reviewer activities.

Presenters: Ruth C. Carlos, MD, MS & Aine M. Kelly, MD, MS


Using Educational Scholarship to Advance Your Career

This webinar covers: 1) Examine how academic scholarship is assessed 2) Detect opportunities for academic scholarship 3) Develop a personal plan to optimize their academic scholarship output to enhance their career





The ACER/AMSER Webinar Series is supported by a Venture Fund Grant

from the AUR Research and Education Foundation