AMSER Excellence in Education Award

The AMSER Awards Committee votes each year to give an annual honor to the educator whom they feel has contributed the most to medical student radiology education in the USA. This award is given during the Annual AUR Meeting.


2023 Award Recipient

Caroline W. Carrico, MD, FAUR 

Past Award Recipients:

  • 2022 David M. Naeger, MD, FAUR
  • 2021 Carl R. Fuhrman, MD (posthumous)
  • 2020 Stefan Tigges, MD
  • 2019 Donna Magid, MD, MEd
  • 2018 Sravanthi Reddy, MD
  • 2017 Nancy J. McNulty, MD
  • 2016 Judith K. Amorosa, MD
  •             Kitt Shaffer, MD, PhD
  • 2015 William Herring, MD
  • 2014 Christopher M. Straus, MD
  • 2013 Petra J. Lewis, MD
  • 2012 Robert A. Novelline MD