AMSER Henry Goldberg Medical Student Award

The AMSER Henry Goldberg Medical Student Award may be presented annually to any medical student who submits an outstanding abstract for a paper, poster, or electronic exhibit for presentation at the AUR Annual Meeting. Up to two awards may be presented annually. To be eligible, the work must have been performed while the applicant was a medical student. The candidate must be the first author or the presenter of the project.

The winning submission’s author will receive a $500 honorarium and a certificate and will be acknowledged during the AUR Annual Meeting.

Submissions for the AMSER Henry Goldberg Medical Student Award competition:

  • Cannot be under consideration for an award by another organization (other than AUR and its Affinity Groups or APDR)
  • Cannot be already published
  • Cannot be under consideration for publication by a journal other than Academic Radiology
  • Cannot be presented at a national meeting before the AUR Annual Meeting

An abstract must be submitted for presentation consideration at the AUR Meeting. The deadline to submit an abstract is passed.

The expanded abstract should consist of 1500 to 2000 words divided into purpose, methods, results and conclusions. In addition, it may contain up to 2 tables and 2 to 3 figures. Up to four references can be included. With the expanded abstract, please submit a letter signed by the applicant and the department chair and include telephone and fax numbers, institutional affiliation, title of abstract, and a statement attesting to the fact that the research was primarily and substantially performed by the medical student applying for the award.

Please note: Both an abstract and expanded abstract must be submitted to be eligible for the award.

Award Recipients:

  • 2021 Grant E. Mackinnon
  • 2020 Rickard P. Bagott
    2019 Jeffrey Hirsch
  • 2018 Joshua S. Harford
  • 2017 Sarah Flanagan
  • 2016 John Renfrew
  • 2015 Nikita Lakomkin
  • 2014 Thomas A. McLaren
  • 2013 Andrew W. Phillips
  • 2012 Dana J. Lin
  • 2011 Jeffrey D. Poot
  • 2010 Elizabeth T. Chorney
             Kevin C. McCammack
  • 2009 Anna Knisely
             Danielle Chan
  • 2008 Jeffrey J. Gronkiewicz
             Rajiv Kumar