A³CR² Research Award

A resident who is both the primary author and the presenter of an accepted abstract is eligible for the A3CR2 Research Award. A certificate will be awarded. The award recipient will be asked to present his or her abstract during the AUR Annual Meeting.

Submissions for the A3CR2 Research Award:

  • Cannot be under consideration for an award by another organization (other than AUR and its Affinity Groups or APDR)
  • Cannot be already published
  • Cannot be under consideration for publication by a journal other than Academic Radiology
  • Cannot be presented at a national meeting before the AUR Annual Meeting

An abstract must be submitted for presentation consideration at the AUR Meeting and must be received by the abstract deadline: September 22, 2021

The expanded abstract should consist of 1500 to 2000 words divided into purpose, methods, results and conclusions. In addition, it may contain up to 2 tables and 2 to 3 figures. Up to four references can be included. With the expanded abstract, please submit a letter signed by the applicant and the department chair and include telephone and fax numbers, institutional affiliation, title of abstract, and a statement attesting to the fact that the research was primarily and substantially performed by the medical student applying for the award.

The deadline to submit an expanded abstract:  December 10, 2021.

Award winners will be notified in January 2022. Winners must be officially registered for the AUR meeting and are responsible for their own travel.

Please note: Both an abstract and expanded abstract must be submitted to be eligible for the award.

Award Recipients:

  • 2021 Dennis Dwan, MD
  • 2020 Rana Yazdani, MD
  • 2019 Elainea N. Smith, MD
  • 2018 Sarah Kamel, MD
  • 2017 Andrew Lee, MD
  • 2016 Ji Buethe, MD
  • 2015 Nicholas Masse, MD, MS
  • 2014 No Award Given
  • 2013 Ricky Tong, MD
  • 2012 Hannu Huhdanpaa, MD
  • 2011 Akash Kansagra, MD