Are you a mentor or advisor? As educators we do extensive mentoring and advising.

  • With students on how to apply for radiology residency (see AMSER residency guide and medical student resources links)
  • With students who are involved in research projects
  • With students needing other career guidance
  • With residents
  • With other faculty involved in education

Here are some resources that may help you with the process of mentoring.
Informal Mentoring Between Faculty andMedical Students
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How Do I Mentor Medical Students Interested in Radiology?
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Making the Most of Mentors: A Guide forMentees
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Building a Vertical Advisory System: How to Succeed as an Educator and Mentor Without Going Insane
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How I Do It: Mentoring the Sound-Bite Generation: Part I. The Match Game
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HERE is an excellent faculty guide to mentoring from the University of Washington that applies to mentoring at all levels.

The AAMC Careers in Medicine offers resources for faculty advisors to utilize as they help medical students make informed decisions about specialties and applying for residency.

If you are wiling to be a mentor to other AMSER members, please contact the AMSER president.

Need a mentor?
If new to student education, we also may need to be mentees of other more senior educators. AMSER members are often willing to act as mentors for other members, guiding them down appropriate promotional pathways, involving them in committees or giving advice about designing curricula and courses. If you are in need of a mentor, please contact the AMSER president who can put you in contact with an appropriate person.

AUR mentee program.
The AUR also has a mentorship program which runs at the annual AUR meeting. An email is circulated for mentees and mentors to apply prior to the meeting and a ‘match’ performed depending on interests.