Books and eBooks

The following books have been used by AMSER members on their courses. AMSER is not specifically promoting any of these texts.

Clinical Radiology: The Essentials
(Richard Daffner MD and Matthew Hartman MD)
Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
4th Edition 2013
The text offers guidelines for selecting imaging studies in specific clinical situations and takes a systematic approach to imaging interpretation, presenting a review of normal anatomy, technical and pathologic considerations, and diagnostic advice.
Essential Radiology: Clinical Presentation, Pathophysiology, Imaging
(Richard Gunderman MD)
2nd Edition 2006
2nd Edition 2006 Somewhat shorter comprehensive textbook, using organ based approach.
Fundamentals of Body CT
(Webb, Brant, Major)
3rd Edition 2005
Good basic introduction to Body CT.
Learning Radiology
(William Herring MD)
2nd Edition 2011
Pattern based approach to radiology interpretation rather than system based, practical and image dense. Includes subscription to additional modules at
Oxford Handbook of Radiology
(Petra Lewis MD and Nancy McNulty MD)
Oxford University Press
1st Edition 2013
Pocket sized, bulleted format. Takes a combination of organ/modality/pattern based approach as well as imaging algorithms. Includes CD of full resolution images.
Radiology 101: The Basics and Fundamentals of Imaging
(Wilbur Smith MD and Thomas Ferrel MD)
Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
4th Edition 2013
Comprehensive textbook. Large number of excellent illustrations. Classical approach. Includes some radiological anatomy.
Radiology Fundamentals: Introduction to Imaging & Technology
(Harjit Singh MD and Janet Neutze, MD)
4th Edition 2012
Comprehensive textbook focused at students. Well illustrated.
Radiology Recall
(Spencer Gay MD)
Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
2nd Edition 2007
Information contained in question-answer format. Greater level of detail than most students need. Pocket sized.
Squire's Fundamentals of Radiology
(Robert Novelline MD)
Harvard University Press
7th Edition 2017
Large comprehensive textbook covering all modalities and organ systems. Classical approach to teaching radiology.