STARS (Standardized Tool for Assessing Radiology Students)

Click here to access Radiology ExamWeb.


We are in the process of transferring Radiology ExamWeb (REW) to a new ACR sponsored platform (STARS -Standardized Tool for Assessing Radiology Students). The new interface will be very similar to RadExam for those who are familiar with the latter.
As we make the transition over to STARS, we will need all users/institutions to sign up for the new site. We encourage all of you who use REW and/or those who anticipate using STARS to sign up at the following link:
If you do not find your institution on the drop-down menu, please click on the “+” button adjacent to the institution name and enter it in.
While we will not be able to refund any PIN money that has been spent for students after the STARS website goes officially live, the first year of the new STARS interface will be free for all users. Therefore, we suggest holding back on purchasing large quantities of PINS through REW over the new few weeks and, instead, consider signing up for STARS.
In addition, we will be unable to transfer any data regarding your individual students performances from REW on to STARS.  Therefore, we encourage all instructors/course directors to actively download this data by the first week of June 2020 should they want a record of it for future use. These can be accessed and downloaded by clicking on “Exam Results”, and the appropriate link (by class, exam etc; see screenshot below). We are negotiating to have an extension of REW till the end of July 2020, but unfortunately can not guarantee it. 
For more information or questions regarding STARS, please contact Mahan Mathur, MD ( or Judith A. Gadde, DO (