AUR Statement of Professionalism

Adopted from ISC Statement on Professional Behavior

We, members of the House of Radiology, believe that every member of our many organizations should be valued and feel included. All voices should be heard.

To assure a collaborative and inclusive culture, radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical physicists, and others participating in AUR activities should conduct themselves in a professional manner, respecting all individuals, including patients and colleagues, and advocate for those who cannot. We welcome all members. We shall not discriminate based upon gender, sexual orientation, nationality, geography, race, ethnicity, age, ability, religion, or experience.

While we embrace free speech and the power of open discourse and debate during our professional society meetings and on social media platforms, we do not condone any forms of harassment, bullying behaviors, or speech that marginalizes or attacks others.

Complaints regarding unprofessional behavior at the AUR meeting should be submitted to the President, President-elect or AUR Account Executive. The AUR Executive Committee will review the complaint and manage the resolution process by discussing the complaint with all parties, seeking legal counsel if warranted, facilitating mediation if appropriate, and determining the action to be taken. Possible actions may include asking attendees to leave the meeting and/or contacting host institutions. In cases of serious unprofessional conduct where statements are contested, a referral may be made to the ACR Ombudsman or similar mediation party. As always, any illegal activities should be reported to the police immediately.

By upholding this endorsed Statement of Professionalism, we promise to treat each human being with steadfast dignity, kindness and respect so that our central mission remains focused on providing exceptional, compassionate care for all.