Research and Scholarship Committee

Duration: (Chair) 3 years; renewal 1-2x, members: indefinite

Members: Chair, Ad Hoc members


  • Oversee the annual AMSER/ACER issue of Academic Radiology and act as a resource for members interested in publishing opportunities.
  • Act as associate editors on the Academic Radiology issue.
  • Pursue and inform alliance members of reviewer and submission opportunities in AMSER and publications.
  • Inform members of noteworthy publications including the Alliance newsletter and the annual meeting.
  • Chair will serve as an editor of the annual AMSER/ACER issue of Academic Radiology.

Qualifications: AMSER member

Election/selection: The President will select the Committee Chair, offered by the Nominating Committee, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee and the authorization of the membership at the annual meeting. Committee members will be selected by the Committee Chair, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee and to the authorization of the membership.

Time commitment: Committee Chair will attend AMSER Executive Committee meeting at AUR meeting and at RSNA meeting (in person or by teleconference). Chair and committee will communicate throughout the year to attend to committee business. Attendance at AMSER members’ meeting at AUR meeting is strongly encouraged for both Chair and committee members.

Chair:  David M. Naeger, MD