STARS Editorial Board

Duration: Editor-in-Chief: 3 years, renewal 1 or more terms at discretion of President, Members: 3 years, one reappointment

Members: Editor-in-Chief, Selected AMSER members


  • Overseeing all STARS activivities including but not limited to: user registration, test item development, editing, creation and maintenance of AMSER shelf exams, question item validation analysis, site upgrades and changes, maintenance of user manual, etc.
  • Editorial Board actives include item writing, editing, validation, exam development and validation.
  • Editor-in-Chief will serve as liaison to the STARS software platform.

Qualifications: AMSER member

Election/selection: The President will select the Editor-in-Chief, offered by the Nominating Committee, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee and the authorization of the membership at the annual meeting. Committee members will be composed of nominated and self-nominated AMSER members selected by the Editor-in-Chief in consultation with the AMSER President and/or the approval of the Executive Committee.

Time commitment: Editor-in-Chief will attend AMSER Executive Committee meeting at AUR meeting and at RSNA meeting (in person or by teleconference). Editor-in-Chief and committee will communicate throughout the year to attend to committee business. Attendance at AMSER members’ meeting at AUR meeting is strongly encouraged for both Editor-in-Chief and committee members.

Editor-in-Chief:  Mahan Mathur, MD