AMSER 2001-2006 Agenda Topics and Speakers

AMSER 2006 Program (Austin, Texas - April 5-8, 2006)

AMSER Business Meeting

AMSER Symposium 1

    Kitt Shaffer, MD - Moderator  Integrating Radiology into the Medical School Curriculum
    Petra J. Lewis, MD
     Practicalities of an Integrated Curriculum
    Marcia J. McCowin, MD
    Kitt Shaffer, MD  
    Nancy J. McNulty, MD
    Incorporation of Radiology in the Anatomy Curriculum


    Petra J. Lewis, MD
    What Do Program Directors Look for in Interviewing Students?
    Jocelyn D. Chertoff, MD  

AMSER/APDR Joint Session: Electronic Education Exhibits

AMSER Symposium 2

    James J. Choi - Moderator
    Copyright and HIPAA Issues
    Kenneth D. Crews, JD, PhD Copyright Issues in Radiology Education
    Beverly P. Wood, MD
    Patient Privacy as a Factor in Education 

AMSER Breakfast Seminar

    Marcia J. McCowin, MD
    Hank Goldberg and Beyond
    James J. Choi
    Create Your Own Web Teaching Server (for Free)
    Audience participation
    Problem-solving Session

AMSER Symposium 3

    Robert A. Novelline, MD
    Students and Careers
    Kimberly E. Applegate
    Gender Issues in Students' Career Choices: How to Encourage Women to Apply to Radiology
    Mark E. Mullins, MD  
    Education in the Era of Voice Recognition and PACS
    Robert A. Novelline, MD    Getting Promotion through Teaching: Building Your Portfolio

AMSER Medical Education Workshop

    Kitt Shaffer, MD Moderator
    Different Ways to Skin a Fish: How Clerkships Can Be Structured - Panel Discussion
    Judith K. Amorosa, MD
    Joshua A. Becker, MD
    Petra J. Lewis, MD
    Donna Magid, MD
    Janet A. Neutze, MD Panelist
    Robert A. Novelline, MD Panelist

AMSER 2005 Program (Montreal Quebec, Canada - May 4-7, 2005)

AMSER Business Meeting

AMSER Medical Student Education Symposium 1


    Kitt Shaffer, MD
    Educational Principles and Digital Teaching
    Charles E. Kahn, MD
    Principles of Effective web Design
    Jeffrey Wiseman, MD
    Educational Principles and the Future of the web
    Kitt Shaffer, MD
    Interactive Digital Teaching

AMSER/APDR - Creating an Educational Web Site to Fulfill a Required Competency, Cupido Daniels, PhD

AMSER/APDR Electronic Education Exhibits

AMSER Medical Student Education Symposium 2

    Petra J. Lewis, MD
    Practical Use of Digital Teaching Methods
    Beverly P. Wood, MD
    Searching for Information: Mining the Great Digital Lode

AMSER - Breakfast Seminar

    Judith K. Amorosa, MD
    Should We Eliminate Film from Our Teaching Media?
    Mark S. Frank, MD
    Internet to the Rescue for Radiologic Education: What the Future Holds

AMSER Medical Student Education Workshops

    Nurit Bloom, MD
    Usability Testing for the Web
    Peter D. Clarke, MD
    Teaching with 3D
     James J. Choi, MD New Gadgets for Teaching
    Jonathan L. Streeter, MD   Use of Wireless for Interactive Teaching
    Mark S. Frank, MD   Designing Adaptive and Engaging Online Curricula
     Stacy E. Smith, MD
    Use of Online Blackboard for Designing Teaching Modules 
     Mark E. Mullins, MD Design of Clerkship Goals Across Sites
     Donald N. DiSalvo, MD
    Design of a Web-based Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) 
     Sonia M. Pujol, MD
    3D Modeling of Anatomic Structures to Enhance Teaching of Radiology

AMSER Medical Student Education Symposium 3

    Beverly P. Wood, MD
    Innovative Teaching Methods
    Henry I. Goldberg, MD Radiology in the Integrated Curriculum

AMSER 2004 Program (San Francisco, California - April 21-24, 2004)

AMSER Business Meeting

AMSER Symposium - Medical Student Teaching Methods


    Petra Lewis, MD
    Radiology Curriculum for Medical Students
    Felix Chew, MD
    Teaching Large Groups of Students
    Robert Novelline, MD  Small Student Group Teaching

AMSER/APDR - Internet Resources for Radiology

    Spencer Gay, MD Moderator
    Michael D'Alessandro, MD
    Learning, Teaching and Communicating Using the Internet;

AMSER/APDR Electronic Education Exhibits

AMSER - Electronic Media for Teaching

    James Choi, MD
    Teaching with PDA's
    Michael D'Alessandro, MD
    Tools and Techniques to Support the Apprentice Learner in Radiology
    Judy Amorosa, MD   Radiology in the Clinical Setting as Part of Surgery, Medicine, Ob-Gyn, Pediatrics:Virtually

AMSER Joint Session

    Richard Gunderman, MD
    Judy Amorosa, MD
    Self-directed Learning: Using Learner Centered Teaching to Develop Lifelong Learners

AMSER Workshops

    Ken Schreibman, MD PowerPoint for Radiologist: A 3-Step Process

AMSER 2003 Program (Miami, Florida - April 9-13, 2003)

AMSER Business Meeting

AMSER Symposium

    Moderator - Henry Goldberg, MD
    Marc Levine, MD
    Optimizing the Participation of Medical Students in Radiology Research
    Linda Lanier, MD
    Radiology Becomes Mainstream - It Is On The USMLE
    Richard Gunderman, MD  
    Medical Students as the '5th Wheel' In The Radiology Department
    Scott Plantz, MD
    On-Line Learning by Medical Students*not presented 

APDR/AMSER Education Exhibits

    Moderators: Robert Novelline, MD, Kitt Shaffer, MD, Jac Scheiner, MD
    AMSER Problem Solving Breakfast
    Moderator: Jac Scheiner, MD


AMSER Joint Session

    Moderator: Judith K. Amorosa, MD
    Peter Clarke, MD Beyond Power Point – Other Digital Interactive Teaching
    Beverly Wood, MD
    Teaching with Games 
    Joshua Becker, MD
    Transitioning from Basic Sciences to Clinical Experience with Radiology 
    James Choi, MD
    Incorporation of Internet Technology into Medical Student Teaching


AMSER Workshops

    Jac Scheiner, MD
    Building a Radiology Course Website
    Ken Schreibman, MD PowerPoint Pointers: More to Come on AUR Web Site

AMSER 2002 Program (Toronto, Canada - April 17-20, 2002)

AMSER Business Meeting

AMSER Symposium - Medical Student Testing, Advising, and Curriculum

    Beverly Wood, MD
    Strategies in OSCE Development and Implementation for Radiology Courses
    Judith K. Amorosa, MD
    Strategies in Advising Medical Students
    Jim Abrahams, MD
    Integrating Radiology into a Gross Anatomy Course: Keys to Success
    Henry Goldberg, MD
    Teaching Medical Students in the Clinical Years - Options for Radiology
    Kitt Shaffer, MD
    The AMSER Recommended Curriculum


AMSER Teaching Fair

AMSER Problem Solving Session

AMSER Joint Session - Support for Radiology Clerkships

    Jac Scheiner, MD
    Needs Assessment Creative Cost Cutting for Radiology Clerkships
    Carl Fuhrman, MD
    Getting the Medical School to Reimburse Your Department for a Radiology Clerkship
    Henry Goldberg, MD
    Facilities for Teaching Medical Students - Funding a Learning Center
    Robert Novelline, MD
    Getting Faculty for Teaching Medical Students - Negotiating with Your Chairman


AMSER Workshops

    Ken Schreibman, MD, PhD
    1. PowerPoint Pointers (Intermediate Level) - Animation: Bringing Your Presentations to Life
      2. PowerPoint Pointers (Advanced Level) - Hyperlinks: A Modular Approach to Lecturing

AMSER 2001 Program (Toronto, Canada - May 18-20, 2001)

AMSER Teaching Fare

AMSER Business Meeting

AMSER Symposium - Redefining Scholarship in Academic Radiology Keys to Academic Advancement

    Wilbur Smith, MD
    Scholarship of Integration
    Linda Lanier, MD
    Scholarship of Application
    Jannette Collins, MD
    Scholarship of Teaching
    Vijay Rao, MD
    Support for Scholarship


AMSER/APDR Round Table Discussions

AMSER Problem Solving Session

AMSER Joint Session

    Jac Scheiner, MD
    The Medical School Radiology Course: Keys to Early Success Incorporating Electronic Media into Medical Student Education
    Kitt Shaffer, MD
    Survey of AMSER Members
    Gary Merhar, MD
    Internet Applications
    Judith Amorosa, MD
    CD-ROM Applications 
    Robert Novelline, MD
    Instructing Students on the Management of Electronic Diagnostic Images
    Henry Goldberg, MD  
    Issues Regarding Integrated Radiology Education


AMSER Workshops

    1. Evaluating Medical Students In Radiology Courses
        Kevin Volkan, PhD, EdD, MPH
        Kitt Shaffer, MD


    2. Medical Student Teaching Methods
        Beverly Wood, MD
        Dixie Fisher, PhD
        Jac Scheiner, MD