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ACER International Outreach

2015 was a fantastic year for ACER international outreach efforts.

In July, ACER sent a team of radiology educators for an expanded one and a half day program as part of a joint meeting of the Mexican Society Radiology and the Mexican Federation of Radiology, in Cancun Mexico. Nearly 100 people attended this ACER program. In contrast to prior courses, this time we also included one of Mexico's outstanding radiology educators on the program faculty, Dr. Guillermo Elizondo. The course was extremely well received, with great enthusiasm from all participants. Click here to see the program schedule.

Dr. Elizondo was one of the first two international members to join the AUR. Our ACER faculty were so impressed with him, that we arranged for him to participate in our ACER programming during the AUR spring meeting in San Diego!

In September, another group of ACER members traveled to Buenos Aires Argentina for a one day program with a similar format to our past programs. Once again, our efforts were warmly embraced with an enthusiastic group of radiology educators from around the entire country of Argentina. Click here (ACER SAR Program) to see the program.

Here are some quotes from the Argentina post-meeting evaluation:

  • “A joyful meeting with lots of interesting tools for learning more about teaching. Should be repeated”
  • “After 20 years teaching this is the first time that I have seen teaching as a focus. Thank you!”
  • “Excellent experience which should be used by every professor in our country”

We anticipate continuing to develop relationships with these international societies and likely a few more, as these international outreach efforts develop.


ACER Cancun 1
 From left to right, Beatriz Gonzalez, Jose Luis Ramirez, Mark Mullins, Rene Anguiano, Eric Stern,
Aine Kelly and Mahesh Thapa at the joint meeting of the SMRI and FMRI, Cancun Mexico, July 2015
 ACER Cancun 2
Dr. Guillermo Elizondo, speaking at the ACER international educational outreach program
in Cancun Mexico, July 2015
  ACER ARS 09-2015
 Mark Mullins, Alfredo Buzzi, Priscila Slanetz, and Eric Stern in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the
ACER education program during the Argentina Society of Radiology annual meeting, September 2015